What is a Nerve?

Tools(apps) that deliver increased functionality.

Building on the name of Nucleus as the centre of logic, Nerves are extensions to the Nucleus Platform, add-ons or building blocks to provide increased functionality.

Nucleus is at the centre, keeping Nerves that deal with business process automation and management all in one place.

What makes Nucleus unique is that you get Nerves or functionality that you need, without the clutter. They can be switched on and off as your needs change; it’s a constantly evolving Plug-and-Play solution, with customisations designed to reflect your business needs.

Here is an example of a typical Nerve Development Process:



If a Nerve doesn’t exist and you have an idea, we can develop it in our Innovate section.

Share and discuss with like-minded businesses, and Nucleus will make it a reality.

Do you have an idea to eliminate gaps in your business, or simply to improve your business workflow?

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