Seamlessly connecting your business processes from customer ordering, through to delivery.

Many businesses when under pressure need to ensure that today’s orders are prioritised.

With our Manufacturing solution, you will have an ability to monitor stock control easily and have complete control with real-time information for budgeting and manufacturing resource planning.

Top Manufacturing Nerves

Nucleus is seamless with its transfer of information across departments, reducing duplication of processes and provide clear insights on where your business is at.

With access from any internet-connected portable device, anywhere in the world, you no longer need to be at your workplace to ensure it all runs smoothly.


Place Customer Order

This Nerve is core to the platform and enables the admin user to place orders quickly and easily through our customer template system.

This Nerve will give you and your staff the ability to process customer orders via the easy-to-use template order system that comes standard with all platforms.


Place Supplier Order

Allow any one of your administrator profiles to create purchase orders from pre-formatted supplier templates.

This Nerve will allow any one of your administrator profiles to create purchase orders from pre-formatted supplier templates, making it quick and easy to order goods from your suppliers.



Record packing of orders digitally.

Ability to digitally package your orders, no more paper clipboards.

Shows you orders needing to be packed, shown chronologically by when the order was placed, and the ability to record packing them.


Daily Production/Manufacturing

Instant demand driven manufacturing.

This will help manufacturing of products daily, driven by demand.

Records manufacturing products, or creating products for stock. This nerve also links all parts needed to have a sellable product.

Our Manufacturing solution will offer you:


Access your business from anywhere

A 100% paperless platform with a simple and easy to use dashboard to reduce human errors, administrative costs and headaches


Seamless communication

Remove process duplication across all departments and increase the process efficiency between supplier and customer


Real-time monitoring

Be informed of where your business activities are at and update and manage your processes, suppliers and customers when orders change.


Easy Account Management

Create new products, accounts and setup standing orders using unique product templates for each customer.

Riding on the name of Nucleus as the centre of logic, Nerves are extensions to the system – key tools/apps that deliver increased functionality to the Nucleus platform.

Our Manufacturing Solution provides you with the Nerves you need to help you with improving business workflow within your industry.

Here are the main Nerves for the Manufacturing Industry:

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