Increase cost efficiency with quicker access to information and faster order fulfillment.

There is more pressure than ever to reduce costs, innovate products and enter new markets, however all of this is difficult without proper communication between distribution channels.

With real-time tracking, our Wholesaling solution can improve order management by providing you with full visibility of customer orders, stock levels and movement, through to signing off at delivery, all on one central platform.

Top Wholesaler Nerves

With access from any internet-connected portable device, anywhere in the world, you no longer need to be at your workplace to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Ultimately, it’s about keeping staff across the entire supply chain satisfied with faster turnaround, as well as saving time and lowering your cost as a wholesaler.


Place Customer Order

This Nerve is core to the platform and enables the admin user to place orders quickly and easily through our customer template system.

This Nerve will give you and your staff the ability to process customer orders via the easy-to-use template order system that comes standard with all platforms.


Place Supplier Order

Allow any one of your administrator profiles to create purchase orders from pre-formatted supplier templates.

This Nerve will allow any one of your administrator profiles to create purchase orders from pre-formatted supplier templates, making it quick and easy to order goods from your suppliers.


Goods Inwards

Improve how you receive your goods from suppliers.

It allows your business to know where and when items are delivered to your premises.

Details and exact stock items are digitally captured in the system. This provides absolute clarity regarding delivery details.


Our Stock (Inventory)

Inventory is your biggest asset. Without it, you have nothing to sell, and too much of it can tie up your cash-flow.

At Nucleus, we think you should be able to access your purchase orders, inventory levels and inventory usage from anywhere in the world, and this is exactly what our Inventory Nerve, which is core with all our platforms, will deliver.


Our Wholesaler solution will offer you:


Access your business from anywhere

A 100% paperless platform with a simple and easy to use dashboard to reduce human errors, administrative costs and headaches


Seamless communication

Remove process duplication across all departments and increase the process efficiency between supplier and customer


Real-time monitoring

Be informed of where your business activities are at and update and manage your processes, suppliers and customers when orders change.


Easy Account Management

Create new products, accounts and setup standing orders using unique product templates for each customer.

Riding on the name of Nucleus as the centre of logic, Nerves are extensions to the system – key tools/apps that deliver increased functionality to the Nucleus platform.

Our Wholesaling Solution provides you with the Nerves you need to help you with improving business workflow within your industry.

Here are the main Nerves for the Wholesaler Industry:

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