Innovation Nerve Development

We’ll create exactly what you need.

We provide the perfect ingredients for your business success.

If standard business management software programs don’t work for your business, we can create just what your business needs. From scope to development – working with the Nucleus Nerve Development Team will be a smooth process.

The Process

Business needs change with time and business owners need to adapt. Software and information systems play a big role in running your business. In the past, software developers have built solutions for businesses that fit with the businesses’ needs for now, and then it’s expensive to make changes later.

Many businesses have also adopted software package with complex and confusing functionality. When a simpler and less expensive system would have been sufficient and more cost effective.

Nucleus Logic has taken a different approach to software development believing that businesses should start off with an easy to use supply chain application and mold the software around their business, not the other way around

With Nucleus, your business also benefits from collaboration with other business owners and cost effective software development into the future.

What does this mean?

The more businesses that get onto the Nucleus Platform the more collaboration and innovation will occur and more cost effective functionality is created.

Think of it like talking to some of your business friends about a new functionally that you needed on your software and your friends agreeing on it and then developing it together using our Nerve Development team and simply adding it to your system.

We believe that we have built an easy to use supply chain management platform. We encourage businesses to collaborate on Nerve development so that the Nucleus platform becomes cost effective for businesses and ever evolving business management software.