Training and Startup Support

Choose how you get started

We have a training and support package that’s suitable for every business.

If you are self-starters, you’ll be up and running in no time. Alternatively, if you prefer phone or face-to-face support, we’ll be there from the start.

Plan A

No assistance provided



Plan B

Over the phone assisted training
1 full day


Plan C

On boarding and on site training
3 days


Plan A (Self Starter)

Assistance: I am ready to get started on my own

Duration: Instant

Using our comprehensive help guide and training videos, you are able to setup Nucleus on your own. As part of the getting started process there are just 10 simple steps to setup your critical data in the system. Once this is completed you will be ready to use Nucleus.

In the unlikely event that you encounter any setup issues, you can change your setup package to include support or discuss an hourly consultation fee with us.

Cost: FREE

Plan B (Remote Supporter)

Assistance: Over the phone assisted training

Duration: 1 full day

Our remote supporter is a plan which will provides setup support and training by phone or Skype. We will run you through a step-by-step process to get your business up and running on Nucleus.

  • Run through the 10 step program
  • Basic operational training
  • Stock Controller setup
  • Dummy senario example
  • Exporting / Syncing with your accounting package

Should you require any further assistance after your one-day phone assisted setup, we can arrange a training consultation fee on an hourly basis.

Cost: $995

Plan C (Consultant Onsite Training)

Assistance: On boarding and on site training

Duration: 3 days

This is the most comprehensive package to setup Nucleus and train your team. We recommend this package for larger organisations that prefer the integration to be handled by one of our expert training consultants.

We will travel to your workplace and implement the platform directly into your business ensuring any data correction occurs and get you started quickly and efficiently. This package is capped at 3-days, which will start with a pre-visit checklist (free of charge).

Further training and support days can be purchased at a daily rate of $995. Please contact us to discuss this option, should it be required.

Cost: $2500