Nerve Centre


Welcome to the Nucleus Nerve Centre.

Our Nerve Centre is all about empowering you and your business stakeholders to take control of your technology innovation and implementation.

This allows you to have the ability to mold your software / technology requirements around your business strategies and missions in a cost effective manner.

When you sign up to The Nucleus Platform you get a package that will allow your business to procure its products and services very cost effectively and access your business from any internet interface.


The Nerve Centre

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The Discovery Centre

The Neural Network

The Nerve Community

The Nerve Store

The Nerve Factory

Building Solutions for you. Discover ways to improve your day-to-day business processes. A database of suppliers and businesses that are using Nucleus – to provide networking and business opportunities for one another. A networking area for Nucleus users to discuss, share and partner with one another for business development, new ideas and innovation. An online store within Nucleus, where business owners and developers can market and sell their Nerves to others on The Nucleus Platform. A place where business owners and consultants alike can meet and spec out ideas and innovations and commission developers to build new Nerves.
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Why Innovate

One thing that we realised at Nucleus very early on was that you as the business owner or consultant understands what technology innovations you need in your business critical information system and that every business is unique in its own right.

Create and customise solutions that assist your business bottomline both around your business strategies and missions in a cost effective manner.

Nerves that define you

So when designing our base platform we create the ability for all business that are on the Nucleus Platform to have access to Nerves that are continually being developed and further have the opportunity to develop business critical Nerves.

Nerves on the Nucleus Platform define what kind of business you are in at any definitive point and allows you to evolve your technology requires as your businesses changes direction, shape or size, very cost effectively.

Examples of Nerves

So what are some examples of Nerves?


Signature Capture

Proof of delivery is quickly becoming more and more important in business as business continues to pick up a faster and fast pace. We have recently design a signature capture feature that allows sales reps to capture digital signatures and names when taking a new order and delivery personnel when making a delivery of your goods.

This digital signature is stored against a specific Purchase Order and time stamped, so if there is ever a dispute your accounts team can quickly jump into the system and access this proof of delivery data very quickly.This is a kind of Nerve that you may see as a benefit to your business, so you can click into the Nerve Store on your platform where you will see the cost of the Nerve and all Nerves available come with a 7 day free trial before you are billed.

Share and discuss with like-minded businesses, and Nucleus will make it a reality.

Do you have an idea to eliminate gaps in your business, or simply to improve your business workflow?
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