The Nerve Center

Building on the name of Nucleus as the centre of logic, Nerves are extensions to the Nucleus Platform, which deliver increased functionality.

For this reason, the Nerve Centre brings innovation to one central place.

Each section provides businesses with new approaches to improve their workflow.

The Discovery Centre The Nerve Community The Nerve Factory The Nerve Store The Neural Network

Discovery Centre

Discover ways to remove gaps and enhance productivity within your business.

Nerve Community

Bringing businesses together to discuss and share ideas for business development.

Nerve Factory

A place where businesses can meet to detail and scope ideas, before they are built and implemented by the Nucleus development team.

Nerve Store

An online store where business owners and developers can buy and sell tools and functionality.

Neural Network

A marketplace that brings suppliers and businesses together to provide networking and business opportunities for each other.

We currently integrate with the following accounting packages: