The Neural Network


A database of suppliers and businesses that are using The Nucleus Platform

This provides networking and business opportunities for one another.

The Neural Network is a back bone of our system that has the ability to connect all customer and supplier transactions in a digital environment, reducing the need for administrative personnel double checking every bill that comes in.


It’s creating connections between Nucleus Businesses

As the network of business using the Nucleus Platform increases, the opportunity for business to interact with each other over wireless / paperless mediums, becomes an encouraging opportunity for further administration time reduction within small to medium business.

Take a moment to explore John’s Widget Company example.


John’s Widget Company requires a component from Sam’s Component Company, they both are on the Nucleus Neural Network, so John add’s Sam’s company as a new supplier and add’s Sam’s product range into John’s inventory.
Sam’s completes his digital credit application form. Once approved by Sam, John creates a purchase order that instantly appears in Sam’s Nucleus Platform as a new pending order.
If Sam is happy with the order details, he approves the pending order and it goes straight to his factory floor to be dispatched.

Once John receives his order he checks it and receives through his Goods inward process, if he is happy with everything he finalises this order and receives it.

As soon as John receives the order, this transaction will automatically convert the order into a bill in John’s Nucleus Platform and convert confirm that Sam’s invoice is valid.
There is no need for any chasing up or across checking to take place and both parities save on unnecessary administrative costs. If there is a dispute, i.e. pricing or qty received, the two parties will action it there and then and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about how the Nucleus Platform can assist you in working with a wireless / paperless medium, contact us today.

Growing our network of larger suppliers?

At Nucleus we are striving to continually get more large utility companies onto our Neural network that do not operate on the traditional Nucleus network, for example power companies, large telecommunication and other essential services. What this will mean is that customers on the Nucleus network will be able to receive and approve bill processing for your existing essential services suppliers 100% digitally.