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The Home Dashboard provides an instant overview for you and your staff to see how the business is tracking in relation to orders.

Home Dashboard gives your administration users insight into how customer orders are tracking. Users can see the items that need attention ASAP and pack them on the same day whilst also having visibility into the goods which are inbound.

Your dashboard is 100% customisable and interactive. Clicking on the orders on your dashboard allows you to review, change and resend the information.

What will it add to my Nucleus Platform?

Most Home Dashboards come standard with two views:

  1. Customers and
  2. Suppliers.

These views are Cells and can be edited and changed in the My Nerves and Menus. Please see associated Nerve information.


  • Customisable to your preferences
  • Brings attention to detail
  • Instant access to view orders from any internet connected device
  • Take action instantly
  • Have answers instantly

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