The Big Benefits that come with Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


Many large businesses and organisations are reaping the benefits of introducing ‘Cloud ERP’.

Replacing older, outdated accounting, supply chain and logistics systems with a cloud-based ERP systems  is a simple and effective way to increase productivity, reduce costs and streamline operations.

But what are the main benefits of switching to cloud-based ERP and is it worth it in the short and long term? Here are the main advantages that suggest a switch to cloud-based ERP may be a good idea for small to medium businesses also.

Fast and hassle-free installation

The interruptions and changes that come with installing new operating systems can sometimes put business owners off making upgrades or changes in the way they operate. One advantage of switching to cloud-based ERP is that the system is relatively easy to install and operate. With an intuitive design and adaptability, cloud-based ERP can be easily integrated with most mainstream accounting software packages, making it a great asset to any small to medium business looking to ‘move to the cloud’ with minimal disruption or impact on the day-to-day running of their business.

Accessible from anywhere

One of the biggest draw cards of cloud-based ERP is the ability to easily access your data and work from anywhere. This is a huge advantage for business owners that may travel frequently, work offsite on a regular basis or employ people who work from multiple locations such as home offices or co-sharing work spaces. Working with live, real time data is a more convenient, productive and streamlined way to work and can reduce the frustrations of working with static data saved onto USBs or desktops. With travel for work and flexible working arrangements becoming more commonplace, cloud-based ERP makes sense for all business owners and managers who travel frequently for work, work from home or manage employees in multiple sites.

Low set up and operating costs

Keeping up to date with technology can be a costly factor for businesses, with new hardware and software accounting for a large chunk of many budgets. Cloud-based ERP eliminates many of the raw, hardware and software costs associated with running your own server. Using web-based software means that you don’t have to buy, install and maintain your own server, saving money and time.


Security is an issue that comes up frequently in relation to cloud-based computing. There’s a perception that data housed ‘within the cloud’ may be more susceptible to security and privacy issues. While a hot topic with conflicting opinions and views, there are definite security considerations to take into account with any online presence, whether cloud-based or not. Data breaches can occur for both cloud and non-cloud based operations, so the jury is still out on whether or not cloud-computing increases the risks significantly enough to warrant concern. Regardless of this, it’s important to note that most major corporations and governments are using cloud-based computing in one way or another, including the White House!

Future Proofed

Cloud-based ERP is designed to move and change with your business. This flexibility is a bonus when considering the burgeoning amount of change that is occurring at a global and local level. The old adage that “The only thing constant in life is change” has never been truer than right now, and with change here to stay it’s a good idea to ensure your business is able to move with the times. Nucleus Logic  has built a system that allows you to create your own unique modules that suit your business.

This is just one smart, innovative way to ensure your systems remain relevant to your business. By being able to customise the program to suit your needs, you’ll always be operating well without having to fit your business around a program.


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