New Business Management Software Solution

Join as a business today!Simple and easy to use cloud based business software platform solution.

It integrates supply chain management, inventory control and operations management, but this where the similarities with other business process management systems end.

There are 5 key factors that make Nucleus so unique:
  1. 100% cloud based software
  2. Fastest set-up process
  3. Simplest menu-based system
  4. Access from most Internet-based hardware applications, anywhere in the world
  5. Nucleus grows with you without the costly upgrades
Nucleus gives you the power to:
  1. Manage your orders from anywhere
  2. Know where your business is instantly
  3. Grow with you business
  4. Maintain your current accounting package
At Nucleus Logic we work with you to ensure that the system that you need is the system you receive.

Too often we see clients after their current system has failed to satisfy their needs. We hope to work with you from the start to keep the process stress-free and achieve your objectives

The base level Nucleus comes with 4 key user groups:





…all users are interconnected on the same platform.

The current Nucleus Platform revolves around 6 Nerve Business groups:

Become an Advisor

Because you are running a centralised business platform there is an opportunity to interconnect Nerves to allow you to run dynamic reports that will allow you to better under stand your business. The Nerve Centre is powered by The Neural Network which connect all the business on the Nucleus system together, allowing them to transact efficiently and wirelessly.

Check out these video’s of the Nucleus Logic Platform in action.

Part 1 of an overall insight into The Nucleus Platform. This video shows how to manage accounts.
Part 2 of the Nucleus Platform Overview. This video shows how to manage Nerves.
Part 3 of the Nucleus Platform Overview. This video shows how to manage Goods Inwards.

Contact us today to learn how you can centralise your business platform and start to transacting efficiently and wirelessly.


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