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My Insights Dashboard
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A customizable dashboard that allows you and your company to have a complete transparent view of company performance, with the ability to produce detailed reports.

By utilizing Nucleus Logic all your critical business data is captured in one central location. For example, there is full visibility into how and when people are ordering; how goods are being purchased; and when invoices are being received.

From these activities you can extrapolate information and produce sales graphs and pie charts detailing productivity and profitability. Your data is updated in real time which allows you to make changes to your business instantly.

We are creating new Insights for clients on a daily basis.  Please go through our our Insights library and trial, alternatively contact our Nerve Centre Innovations Team and discuss your requirements.

What will it add to my Nucleus Platform?

The My Business Insight dashboard is located on the top menu, and you have the ability to populate with insight cells and customize your reporting.


  • Instant view of business performance
  • Customizable reports to gain a clearer understanding of your business
  • Easily identify where improvement is needed and where to target emphasis

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