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Your business is different. In fact, everyones business is different.

Access to Support and Innovation
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This Nerve will allow you to create solutions that feel like they have been made just for you. Well, that is because they are!

This Nerve is an extention of The Discovery Centre. Ask the questions required to find gaps in your business. 
 Click on the buttons and fill in the forms to ask questions. Submit as many times as you like*. We will then use this information to provide you with assistance on solutions to meet your existing business needs and wants.

What are Nerves? They are tools(apps) that deliver increased functionality.

Building on the name of Nucleus as the centre of logic, Nerves are extensions to the Nucleus platform, add-ons or building blocks to provide increased functionality. Nucleus is at the centre, keeping Nerves that deal with business process automation and management all in one place.

*Note: As long as this fits within your cloud metering package.

What will it add to my Nucleus Platform?

Discover ways to remove gaps and enhance productivity within your business.


  • Ask questions about your platform
  • Improve your business process
  • Report bugs or suggestions
  • Develop new Nerves
  • View your Support Enquiries

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