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Customizing your business software has never been easier.

My Nerves & Menus
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The entire Nucleus Logic platform is specially crafted to allow absolute customization of your Menu, Functional Nerves and Cells.

This Nerve allows you to customize your Menus and add the users who will be accessing the Nerves.

To provide access to the Nerves and Menu, you simply select the user and then add / edit. If you are updating your administration user, your changes and  new platform functionality will be visible when the page is refreshed.

What will it add to my Nucleus Platform?

My Nerves & Menu Nerve is critical to customizing your platform. It will give you greater control of designing your Nucleus Platform in a way that your business and stakeholders will understand.


  • Absolute customisation
  • Simple or complex development of the platform, depending on your business needs

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