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This Nerve is considered essential in all our packages as it allows you to filter through business orders and understand where exactly they are in the process. With the cloud based offering provided by Nucleus Logic, you can access the Nerve from any internet connected device.

This Nerve will allow your sales, administration and management team to access all purchase orders that have been generated in your system.

The status of the orders can be viewed with ease and by filtering down to ‘customer’ or ‘date’, you can find a specific supplier invoice or purchase order that a supplier may be missing, or resend an invoice to a customer. This can all be done quickly and easily from your smart phone or PC without bothering your accounts team.

What will it add to my Nucleus Platform?

This is a core Nerve that comes with all the platforms and is allocated to the Stock Centre menu of all Administrator profiles.


  • Fast access to orders
  • Support your customers and suppliers instantly
  • Reduce administration time

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