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Capturing and managing your staff hours is paramount in any business operation and can be a tedious process. We have designed a quick, simple and fast-to-implement time clock that can be accessed from any internet connected device.

The Employee Time Clock allows you to create employees, whom can Clock in and Out after logging into Nucleus.

As an administrator, you can check who’s clocked in, when they clocked out and see the total hours worked per employee without adding it all up manually, as well as running seamlessly across multiple sites, seeing where different departments are at.

The Employee Time clock can also give access to employees to Clock In and Out outside of the business premises, if given permission to a certain location.

What will it add to my Nucleus Platform?

When an employee logins, they can Clock In and Out, using your dedicated business portal.

In your administrator profile, you will have a new button added under the Admin menu. If you are signing up only for the time clock, then all you will see is the time clock when you log in. This is the Administrator time clock and will allow you to clock employees in and out, add missed hours and edit hours, create employee departments, as well as the ability to export hours to excel or PDF for you to review and process.


  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Ease management of Staff Hours
  • Reduce headache of manually adding everything-up
  • Avoid Human Error
  • Accessible outside of business premises

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