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My Company Details Nerve is designed to drive the customisation of your Nucleus Platform.

The details you fill in will drive all the key information in items, such as invoices and corresponding emails.

To confirm if your details are displaying correctly simply follow the following steps:
– Change any details
– Create a new dummy order with your Sample Customer. You should receive an email with a green ‘New Order’ flag.
– Details in the email should reflect the changed information created in the Company Details Nerve.

When Company Details are updated, any changes will update on all key information, such as the letterheads on invoices, before they are printed.

Accounting Software?
Please do not change this, unless you are switching accounting packages, as it will change the way your platform works. If you need support or clarification here, please contact your advisor or place an enquiry with our team.

What will it add to my Nucleus Platform?

This Nerve normally lives under your admin tools. Once filled in, business information can be customised.


  • Organises Company details
  • Ease of customisation to keep details current
  • Automated paperwork printing with most current and correct information
  • Displays and changes business details quickly

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