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 Daily Buy Sheet

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The Daily Buy sheet is powerful tool for wholesale businesses with a high stock turn and daily re-stocking requirements. Currently used for buying in Central Fresh Produce, seafood and beef market floors.

The Buyer is presented with a list of required products to buy, these products are displayed directly from Customer Order demand less Stock on Hand.

Using the Stock button the user gets an option to buy a product from the last supplier they purchased from or select a different Supplier.

The Buyer can allocate multiple Quantities, all at different prices for a single product line from many different suppliers.

If the Buyer receives the stock they can flag the item as received, if it is simply ordered and will be delivered to the depot / Shop then the goods will need to be received through the goods inward Nerve.

Once the Buyer orders the total amount required for the selected buying period the items required will drop off the list into Organised orders.

The Organised order are created as Pending orders in your suppliers list, as you organise more stock then more items are added to the pending orders consolidating all your purchases with one supplier into one daily order.

Once you have finished buying from one supplier you can manually approve a pending order on your dash board Or within Organised orders you can approve all your organised orders.

Once you approve your organised orders your suppliers are notified via email that their items have either been ordered or received.

As your items drop off the list once all your requirements are met then you will have no more items to buy.

This Nerve is a powerful way to ensure that your buying correctly and removes costly paper processes and duplication in process.

What will it add to my Nucleus Platform?

A reference point for items that need to be purchased. Provides a quick reference guide to fulfill orders.


  • Quick reference to understand items to purchase
  • No paper or excel spreadsheets
  • Improve purchase decisions

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