Recurring Weekly Purchase Orders

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Recurring Weekly Purchase Orders
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This is similar to the ‘Recurring Purchases’ Nerve. It allows you to schedule regular customer orders on a recurring cycle.

Specific products and prices can be selected for a particular customer.

This Nerve will allow your business to run more efficiently and cost effectively if you have recurring orders. Having recurring orders avoids someone having to enter information every week. For example, the recurring orders can be triggered on Thursday morning for the following week. Emails are sent to notify the customers. You can change the orders after they have triggered the next week’s orders. Cancelling a standing order is simple – you simply delete it.

What will it add to my Nucleus Platform?

Administration User: You will be able to assign this Nerve to any Menu within the Admin profile.


  • Improves business efficiency with reduction in admin time
  • Ensures that mistakes are not made on recurring orders.
  • Reduces business costs
  • Saves time and effort

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