How do I get into the Cloud?

We have all heard about ‘The Cloud’, but what is it?, and how can it empower Small to Medium Businesses? And further more how does the Nucleus Platform embrace technology advancements to deliver an technology innovation model for SME?

The Cloud
In a nutshell, cloud computing is internet-based computing, which allows businesses share computing resources such as software, and access it on-demand via the Internet. With cloud computing, you don’t have to install any particular hardware or software. You simply fire up the Internet, and pay-as-you-go, for whatever computer resources your business needs to access.

The Cloud’s ability to empower SME’s Globally
Does your business have an expensive business server on site that runs your databases and need’s continual management and employment of resources, in the cloud environment all your business will require is an access point to the internet via a PC, tablet or smart phone. What will this do with to your business? Allow anyone in your organisation to access any part of your business at anytime from anywhere in the world.

For example, your sales process is simplified. John takes and order from a customer, it goes straight to the factory floor, your warehouse manager picks and packs it in a wireless environment, finalises and ships the order and invoices the customer. Larger companies have been enjoying this technology for the last 10 years, so now it is time for the SME’s to get a piece of the pie and streamline their business.

Nucleus Logic in the Cloud
Nucleus Logic is your businesses new business operating system that is hosted in the cloud and that you and your staff can access at any point for anywhere, it will take care of your customer ordering, payment gateways, operation of your factory, time management of your staff, job costing, stock purchasing and efficient stock control, invoicing and the list goes on. The core of the Nucleus is to deliver core business process functionality, take orders, supply orders, invoice customers and bill suppliers.

As your business evolves you can choose real-time add on’s to improve your business or add another level of functionality to your business operation, we call these components, Nerves. At any point in time you can see what kind of Nerves you are using and select and trial new Nerves that our innovation team have developed or you can go into our Nerve Factory and develop a new concept Nerve that you may require, this maybe the be as simple as a new report or as complex as a new stock control or manufacturing method.

Our Nucleus development team will quote you on this development, we can go ahead if you would like to develop this as an exclusive Nerve to your company. Or you are able to list the develop publicly and other businesses can invest in this development with you if they see the value or you can develop it and then add it to our public library of Nerves and every time your Nerve is sold into a new platform or selected as an add on Nerve to an existing client you will receive upto 60% share in the revenue resale value of your developed Nerve.

Contact us today to learn more about how the cloud and our Nucleus Platform can enhance your business process.


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