Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs reduces operation and production costs by more than $60,000


Established in 2008, Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs is now one of Australia’s leading herb growers and distributors.

Each week, the business produces more than 100,000 bunches of 17 different herbs and salad items for major retailers, independent supermarkets, green grocers and the hospitality industry.


“Before Nucleus we found that we using five different solutions to try to execute our strategy, so we thought there has got to be a way to centralize this”, said William Pham, co-founder of Australian Fresh Lead Herbs.

“We knew that we needed to utilize cloud-based, live data, instead of printed orders. When we were using printed orders, our packing staff checked orders by walking back to the board to check paperwork. This could take as much as 10% of their day.”

Noting that this reduction in productivity could be avoided with a new approach, Pham adds that, “we didn’t have a holistic view of our orders and stock which was being manually recorded on printed sheets. If there were changes to these orders there was no efficient way of updating them.”


Nucleus Logic provided Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs with a cloud-based portal that addresses the issues that were hampering productivity and reducing profitability. Now, a centralized and live environment allows customers to order and manage orders online. The system also enables the packers at Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs to pack their orders based on live data available through iPads. Finally, the sales team now has the ability to update information in real time which gives management access to live data which is crucial to business function.


Using the Nucleus system, the team at Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs were able to pack about ten times the volumes they used to pack. Their business was able to become digital without disruption to suppliers, operations or daily administration, and has saved more than $60,000 a year in operation and production costs.


“Now that my business is using Nucleus to manage our supply chain systems, we’ll never go back to the old way. This system is smarter, faster and simpler; it saves my business time and money, and was easy to implement, which is a winning formula for any business”

– William Pham, Co-owner, Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs

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