Melbourne wholesale business streamlines their supply chain and saves $16,000


Virgona Wholesale is a third generation business that has been supplying Melbourne’s hospitality industry with fresh fruit and vegetables for more than 40 years.


Not long ago, Virgona Provedoring had a supply chain efficiency problem.

Owner Joe Virgona explains, “Before Nucleus, we were using MYOB as our main system. We keyed all the orders in, then ran and printed a report for our buyer to go and buy the fresh produce from the market.

We then printed out all the orders and then handed them to our packing staff, who packed the orders and approved all the invoices and pricing manually.

After that, we’d print all the invoices and hand them out to our delivery drivers. After all the buying and packing operations were finished we counted all our stock and keyed data into an excel spreadsheet, manually calculating and subtracting from the demand of the next day’s orders.”

This outdated system was not only time-consuming, but also inefficient in other ways, with double handling and opportunity for error quite high.


Nucleus Logic identified a way to dramatically improve efficiency for the Virgona Provedoring business.

Nucleus set up an easy-to-use online portal, which now provides the business with a centralized and live environment that allows customers to order online and buyers to view live orders. The Virgona packing team uses data that comes from live feeds viewed on iPad’s, while management monitor productivity from their desk.


Currently, the team at Virgona Provedoring collectively save 175 minutes a day (which equates to $16,000 a year), just by changing four parts of their business workflow using the Nucleus Logic Platform.

Employee satisfaction has also improved, with staff reporting that the new system makes their job easier.


“This new system saves my business time, money and stress – I’m wondering why I didn’t implement sooner! I look forward to using the Nucleus Platform to continue to grow my business.”

– Joe Virgona, Owner, Virgona Provedoring


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